How We Are Different From The Rest Of The Marketing Agencies Out There


Other Agencies

Most agencies charge you a management fee by the percentage of the adspend you spend with them. So if you are spending $10,000/month with them, they get $2,500/month. There’s nothing wrong with that, but here’s one “small little conflict of interest” – they want you to spend MORE, and MORE, and MORE! And that’s regardless if they are doing a good job optimising your ad dollars. They could be spending more of your hard-earned ad dollars just so they can get more fees out of you.

SuperSales Pte Ltd

We charge a Monthly Flat Rate Fee. So what it means is that if we are doing business with you, we are already happy with the fee you pay us, and of course we want to do an excellent job so that you want to re-contract with us when it ends.

We are totally aligned, we would want to increase your ROIs while reducing your Adspend. We have ZERO INCENTIVE to increase your adspend unless it is needed. I can’t say about other less ethical agencies out there – (in case you’re wondering, there are a lot of them).


Other Agencies

Most agencies only take care of increasing your site’s traffic, your ads (on Google or Facebook, or whatever media), and anything else would be “EXTRA”.

SuperSales Pte Ltd

Here are what we include when you pay your “Monthly Flat Rate Fee”:

  • Improving Your Ads
  • Improving Your Traffic (Facebook & Google)
  • Improving Your Sales Copy on your site
  • Improving Your Sales Cycle
  • Improving Your Products & Services
  • Retargeting of past visitors & customers
  • Planning Your Overall Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Capitalising Your hidden assets in your business

Other Agencies

A lot of agencies will take on clients that are in the same industry, and I have seen it before – even in the big ones. That is a HUGE Conflict of Interests. Imagine you are in the “Window Cleaning Business”, and you are working with ABC Agency for your marketing. What you didn’t know is that ABC Agency is also working with your competitor, another Window Cleaning Company. Now, there is only one top spot on Google Adwords. Tell me, which company is ABC Agency going to help make SPOT No.1 on Google? Yours or your competitor? I don’t know.

(Hint: The one who’s paying more.)

SuperSales Pte Ltd

We will only take one on client from each industry, from different locations (geographical market), ensuring that there is no conflict of interests, and fighting the premium top spot for your business on Google.

Other Agencies

Most agencies do not have guarantees, if they can help you, great. If they can’t too bad for you. You wasted your TIME and your MONEY.

SuperSales Pte Ltd

Here are our guarantee to you when you work with us – if there isn’t at least 20% increase in monthly sales at the end of 4th month, we will refund you 100% of the management fee you pay to us so far – not a penny less.

That’s how confident we are in helping you grow your business. We put our money where our mouth is, and we believe in getting paid for actual results. If we can’t help you – why should we get paid?

If you are really interested in growing your business, constantly, consistently, and considerably, contact us for an ACTUAL, but FREE Sales & Marketing consultation for your business.

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